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Website Proofreading Service

Do you need your company’s website proofread before you publish it? We can help.

Typeset’s professional proofreader, Wendy, has proofread dozens of new websites, website updates and additional web pages for company websites.

Our proofreader will check your web copy for:

  • Spelling (US, UK or Australian English)
  • Grammar
  • Consistency
  • Punctuation
  • Clarity
  • Accuracy
  • Brand voice
  • Natural/native English
  • Adherence to your style guide
  • Broken/faulty links
  • Formatting.

Our service is fast, efficient, and affordable.

For an obligation-free chat about your needs, call +1 517 499 5295 or email wendy@typesetcontent.com.


How Typeset’s website copy proofreading service works

Your website’s copy is there to inform and persuade. The impression you make on the reader matters.

We help businesses all over the world with their web copy proofreading needs, ensuring every single landing page, product page and blog post makes the right impression.

Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions:

  • We proofread on a Word doc. Proofreading is ideally completed on a Word document, before the copy goes live. Our proofreader will provide corrections and comments in tracking.
  • We have flexible service options. We’re happy to proofread every page of a new website, or website update, or individual pages for established websites. Give us a call to chat about your needs and we’ll find a solution to suit you.
  • We’re happy to sign an NDA. We understand that your web copy may contain information that is confidential until it has been approved for release. We care about confidentiality and we’re happy to sign an NDA.
  • We’ll proofread to your style guide. If you provide your brand style guide and tone of voice, we’ll proofread your web copy to ensure it suits.
  • We can help non-native English writers. Our proofreader is very happy to proofread web copy written by non-native English speakers to help bring them up to native level. However, if the copy is very poor, you may need our editing service We may ask for a sample of the writing to help determine which service you need.

For word-perfect website copy, call +1 517 499 5295 or email wendy@typesetcontent.com.


Our professional proofreader can check your web copy

Proofreader Wendy Wood.Our proofreader, Wendy Wood, spent many years proofreading and subediting copy at newspapers before she joined Typeset. She has Poynter ACES Certificates in Editing and In-Depth Editing.

When it comes to spelling and grammar, Wendy has seen absolutely everything — so your web copy is in safe hands with her.

Since 2014 Wendy has been working with all kinds of businesses across a wide variety of industries in Australia, the UK, and the US.

She’s proofread website copy for companies in industries as diverse as information technology, real estate, automotive, manufacturing, finance and foster care. She’s even proofread web copy for a museum and an aero club!

Wendy is based in Kansas City in the US, but she is well-versed in Australian, British and American English.

To talk about your website copy proofreading needs and get an obligation-free quote, call +1 517 499 5295 or email wendy@typesetcontent.com.


Typeset’s proofreading, editing, and copywriting services

Wendy and the Typeset team are available to help with much more than just your web copy.

We can also help with proofreading, editing and copywriting services for your company’s marketing and communications needs, including:

We also have a specialist copywriting, editing and proofreading service for horticultural industry businesses.

If you have questions, get in touch. Call Wendy on +1 517 499 5295 or email wendy@typesetcontent.com.

A woman reads from a website, symbolising Typeset's professional website web copy proofreading service.

Did you know?

If you provide your brand style guide and tone of voice, we’ll proofread your web copy to ensure it suits.

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