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Speech Writing

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Knowing what to say is only half the battle. Knowing how to say it can make the difference between success and failure. While delivering a speech in public might be one of the most terrifying events in your life, a great speech can do more to advance your career — or to help you make history — than any other way of communicating.

There are a few all-too-common sins of speech writing we can help you avoid:

  • Going over time
  • Confusing the audience with jargon
  • Rushing
  • Straying off topic or rambling
  • Padding, waffling, or generally boring your audience to sleep.

If you want to set the world on fire, deliver results from your last quarter, or send your sister off at her wedding reception, our speech writers can help. Our experienced speech writers have written for every occasion — from stand-up comedy and humorous debates right through to presentations and announcements by executive management, captains of industry, and politicians (all the way up to ministers and premiers).

Our complete speech writing service can help you:

  • Select a format for your speech
  • Add humour, irony, or a bit of sass to make it memorable
  • Structure an argument
  • Write a strong closing to rally the troops or make a call to action
  • Nail your delivery by making suggestions for practice and pacing, and attending rehearsals.
A man stands in front of a crowd, delivering a presentation, symbolising speech writing services.

Did you know?

One of the biggest mistakes speakers make is not tailoring their speech to their audience.


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