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Typeset® was founded by career journalist, Dan Hatch, and expert copywriter and content marketing strategist, Sarah Mitchell.
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It’s a combination of skills that has, over nearly a decade, created award-winning content marketing platforms (or brand newsrooms) and editorial copy for clients across a variety of industries.

Our focus is on creating content that becomes a long-term asset for your business, helping to drive profitable consumer action long after the content was originally published.

We work at the intersection of your business’s goals and your consumer’s expectations, creating high-quality, original, tailored content that meets both your demands and theirs.

All our writers are either newspaper journalists or experienced copywriters, and everything we produce is professionally edited by a qualified proofreader – Wendy Wood.

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Who is Sarah Mitchell?

I’m a writer at heart and an editor by nature. If I had my choice, I’d spend all day plonking on the keyboard — and that’s exactly what I did for the first 10 years of my writing career working as a freelance writer and journalist after I retired from software development in 1999.

Global Copywriting launched in 2008 when I decided to get more commercial with my own work. I turned to content marketing to promote my new business. I was an early adopter of social media for business. I was an early blogger. I spoke endlessly about content marketing and social media, especially in the early days when people were trying to decide whether it was a fad. (It’s not!)

What I’ve learned over the years is the best way to waste money is to jump in and get busy. I’m a firm believer in the need for a strategy to guide your content marketing efforts. My focus is on helping businesses develop strategies so their content marketing investment morphs into a long-term business asset. I’ve written scores of strategies for businesses of all sizes and have never seen a case where tactics beat strategy. Not even once.

I’m the Australian Consulting Editor for the Content Marketing Institute and a judge at the Content Marketing Awards held in the US (and a past winner, too).

If you didn’t find what you wanted to know, send me an email, or look me up on LinkedIn.


Who is Dan Hatch?

I’m one of those writers who gets hit by inspiration at really inconvenient times. Once, on holiday in Denmark, I stopped in a sixteenth-century doorway for 45 minutes and, with one finger, punched an entire travel piece about Copenhagen into my phone.

I’m the kind of writer who will ruminate on the perfect opening line while I’m walking the dog, driving down the motorway, or weeding the garden. I love the craft of creating great, engaging copy. It doesn’t matter what I’m working on, what the topic is, who it’s for; I want it to be the best piece of writing it can be.

I’ve spent 20 years crafting words and ideas into compelling stories, as a print journalist, a radio producer, and a content marketer. As a cadet reporter writing advertorials on a country paper in 2000, I’d challenge myself to make the “Trader of the Week” or the real estate section Feature Home as interesting and engaging as possible.

That’s still a challenge I love. So much so that for two years I edited a digital magazine about tyres (or tires) for a client in the US. I don’t even own a car, but the website won best transportation publication at the Content Marketing Awards in 2016.

But I also write about the things I love, too. In 2021 I completed my studies with the Royal Horticultural Society here in the UK, meaning Typeset now offers specialist content creation services to the horticultural industry.

As for the bio, I spent the best part of a decade at the daily The West Australian newspaper, including four years as Marketing and Media Editor. I’ve produced talkback radio at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and spent two years producing the Brand Newsroom marketing podcast. I’ve had bylines in every major Australian newspaper, and some UK ones, too.

I presented at Content Marketing World in 2019. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 I was a judge for the Content Marketing Awards. In 2022 I’m once again a judge for the Content Marketing Awards.

Feel free to send me an email if you’d like to chat about our services.


Proofreader Wendy Wood.Who is Wendy Wood?

I spent 13 years as a 911 operator, dispatching police, fire and ambulances to emergencies. I enjoyed helping people in their times of great need, but my true love was editing friends’ business correspondences and my husband’s term papers and theses. So, when I saw an advertisement needing a copyeditor at the local newspaper, I jumped at the chance. Candidates were subjected to a spelling and grammar test and though I’d had no formal English or journalism training, I aced the exam.

I worked eight years at The Jackson Citizen Patriot editing local and Associated Press stories. I designed the Opinion, Milestones, and local business pages. I also edited the front-page stories and local pages for the weekend editions.

During my time at the newspaper, I won numerous Error-free Month awards – an award earned by having no spelling, grammatical, or factual errors in headlines written during a one-month period.

I have Poynter ACES Certificates in Editing and In-Depth Editing, giving me a solid understanding of the fundamentals of grammar and editing and allowing me to provide clarity in any form of writing.

Since 2014, I have been editing content marketing copy. I also read content marketing strategies and correct any spelling or grammatical errors prior to the strategy being presented to clients. Having clients in Australia, the UK, and the US means I’m well-versed in Australian, British and American English.

My sister-in-law once described copyeditors as self-proclaimed grammar geeks. Yes, that’s me! I can easily spend an afternoon reading style and usage rules in The Chicago Manual of Style, The Associated Press Stylebook, or The Elements of Style.



Why the name Typeset®?

Both Dan and Sarah have ink in their veins (not literally, obviously, that’d be fatal) and the name “Typeset” honours that.

Dan worked as a newspaper journalist for many years, learning his craft at a small country paper (with a printing press so old it was possibly Gutenberg’s prototype) before moving onto  big city and then international reporting.

Sarah got her first byline in the small town newspaper where generations of her family had worked as columnists and reporters. Her grandmother Helen was a linotype operator who bore scars on her legs from hot lead splatters. Her Uncle Tom was a typesetter.

In the newspaper game, a typesetter is someone who takes the words created by the reporters and arranges them on the page, ready for printing.

It’s a demanding and responsible job which requires clear thinking on tight deadlines, so typesetters have to be fast, efficient, accurate, and hardworking.

Those were four qualities we knew we shared and we wanted to embed them in our ethos.

While the risks of hot lead may have abated, in this new era of brand journalism and content marketing, the ability to get the right words on the page in the right order and in a timely manner is more important than ever.

Did you know?

Blogging at least weekly is 2.5 times more likely to produce ‘strong results’ than publishing monthly or less often.


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