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What is a white paper?

Often called ‘the king of content’, a white paper is a comprehensive document developed to educate your reader about a product or service.

Typeset white papers present information in a logically constructed format, five to 10 pages in length, with a goal to position your product or service as the preferred choice. Sometimes referred to as a Special Report, a white paper is designed to give a prospective customer adequate information to make an educated purchasing decision.

Our white papers differentiate themselves from marketing brochures because the research and interviews conducted for the paper provide useful information for the decision-making process but also educate the reader on the topic at hand. We use the persuasive argument to guide the reader to a natural conclusion about where they should make an investment.

Format of a Typeset white paper

Each Typeset white paper is constructed in a manner to allow C-Suite readers to easily skim the report but provides detailed content for people looking for the meat of a topic.

White papers come in three different formats:

  1. Business benefits — targeted at decision-makers in management positions, describes business advantages
  2. Technical — targeted at engineers and technology professionals, describes how things work
  3. Hybrid — targeted at both influencers and decision-makers, often used as lead-generation documents.

Why you need a white paper

White papers historically were used in technology circles to deliver complex information in a short time frame. Engineers and computing professionals use white papers to understand an area quickly without having to become experts in a field.

In the past decade, the use of white papers in business has exploded. They allow businesses to demonstrate authority on a specific topic and help consumers educate themselves on a particular topic before purchasing.

How to use a white paper in your marketing

White papers are in high demand and provide a terrific way to generate leads. It’s common for brands to develop a landing page for a white paper and deliver it after a reader has provided contact details and information about their organisation and their role. People willingly give information away if they trust the company to provide valuable information.

In addition, research from the Content Marketing Institute shows long-form content like white papers is gaining in popularity due to effectiveness.

Added bonus for white papers

A white paper is a strategic document. When planned as part of a content marketing strategy, the work going into a white paper can be repurposed in multiple ways including testimonials, case studies, blog posts, and social media updates.

A man and a woman look at white papers, symbolising — wait for it — white papers.

Did you know?

37% of B2B marketers say white papers are the most valuable tool they have for moving prospects along the sales funnel.


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