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Newsletter Writing & Management

Does your email marketing get ignored? Do you have low open rates? Or do you get a heap of unsubscribes every time you send an email?
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It doesn’t have to be this way!

Let our team of newsletter writing experts create, craft, and distribute your next newsletter, to give yourself the best possible chance it’ll be a hit.

We offer:

  • Newsletter and EDM strategy and planning
  • Newsletter and EDM copywriting
  • Headline and subject line writing and testing
  • Editing and proofreading services
  • List management services
  • EDM creation (loading copy to your template)
  • EDM scheduling, monitoring and reporting.

Make your newsletter a ‘must-read’ for your customer

Do your customers drop everything and read your newsletter when it lands in their letterbox or email inbox? Or do they savour it, putting it aside to read from cover-to-cover later, with a nice cup of tea?

Probably not. Not many companies’ newsletters get the same reception as a new Harry Potter novel. But it is possible to create a ‘must-read’ newsletter that will see your open rate skyrocket, new subscriptions flow, and the cash register ring.

How? Well it’s a little bit art and a little bit science. But our experienced team of professional newsletter writers are skilled at both – and we can help you turn your newsletter into something your customers look forward to, engage with, share with others, and trust.

Ask about our newsletter management service

In a busy company, sending out a newsletter can quickly slip down the priority list — even though a good newsletter is likely to bring in more business.

We understand that, so Typeset offers a total newsletter management service. We can write your newsletter content, load it into your template, schedule and send it, monitor the response, and provide feedback and reporting.

A man looks at newsletters on three screens, symbolising newsletter writing and management services.

Did you know?

Email is the way 87% of B2B and 80% of B2C businesses nurture their audiences — making it the top method!


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