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Product Description Editing & Proofreading Service

Do you need proofreading or editing services for your e-commerce site’s product descriptions? We can help.

Our experienced proofreader, Wendy, will check your product descriptions for:

  • Spelling (US, UK or Australian English)
  • Grammar
  • Consistency
  • Punctuation
  • Clarity
  • Natural/native English
  • Formatting.

Our service is fast, efficient, and affordable.

For an obligation-free chat about your needs, call +1 517 499 5295 or email wendy@typesetcontent.com.


Why product description proofreading matters

Product descriptions are there to inform and persuade — to help the consumer decide if your product is the right one for them. So, the quality of the copy really matters.

In 2019 a study of more than 5000 websites over a two-week period found the bounce rate on landing pages with poor spelling and grammar was 85 per cent more than on those correctly written and spellchecked.

That’s important not just because of the consumer behaviour but because Google penalises a website for having a poor bounce rate, potentially meaning fewer overall visitors to your website.

For word-perfect product descriptions, call +1 517 499 5295 or email wendy@typesetcontent.com.

Our professional proofreader can check your product descriptions

Proofreader Wendy Wood.Our proofreader, Wendy Wood, had a long career in newspapers, having worked eight years at The Jackson Citizen Patriot (in Michigan, US), editing local and Associated Press stories, including the paper’s business pages. She also has Poynter ACES Certificates in Editing and In-Depth Editing.

When it comes to spelling and grammar, Wendy has seen absolutely everything — so your product descriptions are in safe hands with her.

Since 2014 Wendy has been working with all kinds of businesses across a wide variety of industries in Australia, the UK, and the US.

She’s based in Kansas City in the US, but is well-versed in Australian, British and American English. She can edit and proofread to any style guide.

To talk about your product description proofreading needs and get an obligation-free quote, call +1 517 499 5295 or email wendy@typesetcontent.com.


Helping e-commerce websites with proofreading, editing, copywriting

Wendy and the Typeset team are available to help with much more than just your product descriptions.

We can also help with proofreading, editing and copywriting services for your e-commerce business or your company website, including:

We also have a specialist copywriting, editing and proofreading service for horticultural industry businesses.

If you have questions, get in touch. Call Wendy on +1 517 499 5295 or email wendy@typesetcontent.com.

Did you know?

The bounce rate on web pages with poor spelling and grammar is 85% higher than on those correctly written and spellchecked.


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