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The Typeset team has been working together for more than 13 years and has a large volume of work published across the internet and in print publications. Our work experience includes B2B, B2C, government, and not-for-profit projects. Here is a small example of work created by Dan Hatch, Sarah Mitchell and Wendy Wood. (Nearly every word written for these examples has been copyedited and/or proofread by Wendy, our unsung hero.)
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  • Best Transportation Publication

  • Finalist for Project of the Year

Traction News screenshot

Sarah Mitchell worked with Tireweb Marketing in the capacity of copywriter, editor, and ghostwriter, through Global Copywriting. After years of successfully using article marketing to establish credibility and enhance authority in the USA tire industry, Tireweb wanted to create their own publication. Tireweb recognised an opportunity to provide content to help tire business owners become more profitable. They also wanted to create additional revenue streams from the content.

Sarah developed a brand newsroom strategy for Tireweb in the form of an online magazine for the tire industry, Traction News. In the role of Chief Editor, she developed the media kit, contributor guidelines, sponsored content guidelines and writer guidelines. Sarah pulled together an editorial team of Managing Editor Dan Hatch and Copyeditor Wendy Wood. All processes and workflows were developed by Sarah and Dan.

Dan managed the day-to-day operations of Traction News, including liaising with the publisher, coordinating a team of freelance and in-house content creators and communicating with Traction News readers. Dan was responsible for the smooth and efficient running of the magazine, including managing the editorial calendar and all quality processes for the magazine. Dan wrote a daily article and a weekly op-ed delivered through an email newsletter that went out to 60,000 people.

Traction News launched successfully in November 2015 and was an immediate success.


  • Traction News articles often received hundreds of shares for one article.
  • Tireweb Marketing has experienced a marked increase in advertiser enquiries which generate revenue from the publication.
  • While most articles in the magazine are devoid of a direct call to action, when Tireweb Marketing does link to one of their products or services, it typically results in a direct sale. One mention in an article resulted in $30,000 of direct sales on the day the article was published.
  • Traction News has been listed as a credible news source by Google, Bing and Yahoo, delivering organic search results and reducing the necessity for Adwords spending. This has resulted in savings of tens of thousands of dollars annually.
  • Traction News rose to the top of a highly competitive field to win the Best Transportation Publication at the USA 2016 Content Marketing Awards.
  • Traction News was short-listed as Project of the Year at the 2016 Content Marketing Awards along with major brands like Marriott Hotels, Lenovo and Sainsburys.

The services provided by the Typeset team include:

  • Developing the content marketing strategy for Tireweb Marketing
  • Chief Editor for Traction News
  • Managing Editor for Traction News
  • Daily reporting
  • Weekly op-ed
  • Copywriting
    • Article writing
    • Social media updates
    • Email newsletter
    • Website copy
  • Proofreading
  • Sales collateral
    • Presentations
    • Sales sheets
    • Brochures
  • Live reporting from international tire events including print, video and podcasting formats.

Find examples of Sarah’s writing at Traction News.

Find examples of Dan’s reporting at Traction News.


Mining People International (MPi) is a specialist mining recruitment company located in Perth. In 2016, MPi enlisted the help of Sarah Mitchell to develop a strategy to help them turn their fledgling website into a highly functional editorial property for both B2B and B2C audiences. They had been developing their own content for a number of years but weren’t experiencing the results they wanted.

Since then, MPi has worked closely with Dan Hatch and Sarah Mitchell to deliver high-quality original content to a variety of audiences including skilled trades, executives and professionals with mining experience. Over the years, the strategy and messaging have been refined, most recently in late 2019. The services provided by the Typeset team include:

  • Messaging framework
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Managing Editor for Mining People Newsroom
  • Basic, technical and substantive editing for articles written by MPi staff
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading

Monthly editorial projects consist of:

  • Articles and blog posts
  • Email newsletters
  • Ghostwriting for MPi executives and staff
  • Editing content from multiple MPi employees, including the Managing Director
  • Analysis and reporting of monthly poll results
  • Social media updates
  • Editorial meetings

Find examples of Dan’s writing for MPi.


Screenshot of Murdoch's raising teenager's landing page

Sarah Mitchell is working with Murdoch University to develop articles for their parenting series. Parents of teenagers play a large role in their child’s university selection process; however, Murdoch identified that these parents had outdated knowledge about the university admission process and about what Murdoch stood for as a university. By providing relevant, supportive information and resources to parents, Murdoch’s goal was to modernise perceptions of university and the Murdoch brand, while establishing themselves as a key source of information for parents. Ultimately, they want parents to feel confident recommending – or at least supporting – their child’s choice to study at Murdoch University.

The Raising Teenagers series has been successful and Murdoch continues to enlist Typeset’s help to develop these articles. Sarah has written the whole series and was given a chance to write a first-person account about a child’s failure with NAPLAN.


Sarah Mitchell and Dan Hatch both contribute to Chief Content Officer magazine and to the blog at the Content Marketing Institute. Highlights include:

Find more articles from Sarah at the Content Marketing Institute.

Find more articles from Dan at the Content Marketing Institute.


Dan Hatch has covered everything from royal weddings to global tragedies in his time as a journalist. He has interviewed CEOs and celebrities. Here is some of Dan’s work:


Sarah Mitchell and Dan Hatch are bloggers and write to support their own business ventures. You can find examples here:


Here is a sample of our copywriting, editing and content marketing credentials from the past few years:


Traction News has greatly enhanced our reputation and allowed us to initiate conversations and provide an objective view of the USA tire industry. Our customers have been impressed with the publication and we’ve had excellent feedback from the industry as a whole. Matthew Walker, Managing Director, Tireweb Marketing

Sarah Mitchell continues to make key contributions to acQuire’s Content Marketing strategy. Her professional experience, practical advice and hands-on project approach are most valuable to our editorial team. A content strategist of Sarah’s calibre completes our big-picture brand strategy. Astrid Fackelmann, Brand and Marketing Director, acQuire Technology Solutions

You only need to browse our newsroom to see the quality of Dan’s writing. He’s embraced our business goals and has always been incredibly open and eager to learn more about our industry and its specifics, in order to produce copy of the highest quality. 

Our blogs have been republished by numerous industry publications, as well as broader news outlets – something that would not have been possible without his expertise. We’ve learnt (and continue to learn) a lot from Dan.

The Typeset team has made it their mission to learn the lingo, educate themselves on various specific terms and ensure that our content is authentic, well-researched and engaging. They’re always ahead of schedule, make themselves available as needed and have never let the ball drop in terms of getting content back to us in a timely and ready-to-publish format. Jessica Kerr, General Manager – Projects and Marketing, Mining People International

Wendy did an amazing job. Really incredible. The last edit was SO important. I feel much more confident with this version… thank you so much. Joe Pulizzi, Author, Founder of Content Marketing Institute  

A brief note to confirm we submitted a rock-solid document to the VC this afternoon. Very happy with your eye for detail, Wendy, and thorough comments for us to resolve in a systematic way. A very worthwhile investment. Great job. Thank you! Kelly Parsons | Equity and Diversity Projects Officer (SAGE Athena SWAN), Murdoch University

Thanks to Wendy Wood and Sarah Mitchell for making the final version sing. Joe Pulizzi, Author, Acknowledgements in The Will to Die novel

Sarah Mitchell came highly recommended to me when I was searching for an Australian-based editor for CCO magazine. Since joining up, she’s proved to be an absolutely essential member of the team.

  • She’s a first-rate writer and has written a number of very smart, elegantly written articles for the magazine.
  • She’s an excellent editor in every sense. She’s able to pull the best out of writers.
  • She has a large network and has brought some of our top writers into the magazine.
  • She’s a joy to work with … A great communicator who delivers quality work on time. Plus she’s funny, which is always a plus!
  • Sarah has the highest level of integrity. I trust her 100% to deliver on tough assignments.

I recommend her without an iota of reservation. Clare McDermott, Chief Editor, Chief Content Officer Magazine

I was absolutely blown away by the amazing service I received from Dan and Sarah. 

They went above and beyond and were prepared to discuss on the phone a number of times, and meet in person, to ensure they had really captured a deep understanding of my niche service and the marketing strategy I had put in place. 

The quality of the work was more than I could have ever imagined. I highly recommend Typeset to anyone looking for content writing. Simon Blake-Graham, Deceased Estate Selling Service

Sarah’s course, Writing Masterclass: How to improve your writing in less than four hours, lived up to the name. The course was excellent. It was informative and highly practical. It isn’t often that you do professional development and find every aspect beneficial. In this case I can say there wasn’t one part of the course that won’t help with my future writing (even as I type this, I am conscious of removing unnecessary words).

In addition to the four-hour masterclass being beneficial, the course workbook is extremely practical and is designed to be able to continuously assist in improving future work. I have found myself referring to it, moving through each exercise to cull the words and improve the flow when editing my work. Michael Bell, Engagement Manager, Engineers Australia WA

Sarah is a writer who finds new ways to look at old topics, brings the reader right by her side on new topics, and always finds the humor and the poignant in any topic. She is the ideal writer for any team, gladly pitching in where needed most and contributing content that stretches publications beyond expectations. She’s a great editor, too. My writing and approach improved thanks to her constructive feedback as part of a professional writers’ group. Catherine Lansdowne, Director of Publications, KL American magazine

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