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Everyone in business is writing, whether you realise it or not.
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But is your writing producing the results you want? Can you and your team write and tell brand stories without requiring a great deal of editing and guidance? Are your writing skills able to keep up with the demands of content marketing?

In truth, we can all be better writers. But in today’s highly competitive business environment, improving your writing skills could be just the edge you need.


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How Typeset’s Writing Workshop can improve your writing skills

Modern readers demand you write engaging copy; they won’t stick around your website otherwise.

You need to tell the right stories, and you need to tell them with skill and confidence. That’s not as hard as you might think.

We can help you to:

  • Develop writing talent in your own organisation
  • Reduce the cost of outsourcing writing projects to agencies and freelance copywriters
  • Tell better stories
  • Become more efficient and spend less time writing
  • Produce better quality, more readable content.

Typeset’s Writing Workshop is designed for people like you and your team. It’s for people who write every day but want to become more effective in all their written communications.

The beauty of our workshop is you bring your own writing projects and use them in the hands-on writing exercises. That means you get to apply each lesson to your own writing style and, at the end of the morning, you’ll have proof your writing has improved.  

Who facilitates your business writing skills course?

Experienced journalists and copywriters created and teach our writing workshop. Each is a master of telling a good story. They know how to help you do the same to achieve your business goals.

You’ll receive one-on-one guidance from people who make their living writing and communicating effectively. Their guidance is especially relevant to anyone writing for the web or wanting to investigate modern writing trends.

What do I take away from the Writing Workshop?

In the half-day course, you learn how to:

  • Remove clutter and unnecessary text from your writing
  • Convey your ideas in a concise way to get to the heart of the matter
  • Learn techniques to attract and keep the interest of your audience
  • Write for the web with the most current advice on how to keep Google happy
  • Structure stories for your brand to keep your readers coming back for more.

What’s not covered in your writing training course?

The Typeset Writing Workshop is designed to take the complexity out of writing. We do not focus on punctuation or grammar.

We assume everyone in the class can write and we focus on how to eliminate the fluff, make your writing more enjoyable to read, and keep the fickle skimmers on your page and reading your content.

Who should attend the Typeset Writing Workshop?

If you send email or write as part of your daily work or manage staff who do, you will enjoy immediate benefits from this course.

We can help you improve the way you write newsletters, reports, policy statements, press releases, web copy, social media updates, blog posts, sales proposals, and any other kind of material.

If high school was the last time you worked on your writing skills, it’s time to brush up! Our workshop is not only a fun and engaging way to do that, it’s also incredibly focused and effective.

Individual and group classes available

If you spend too much time editing the work of your colleagues, this is the perfect writing course for your whole team. In fact, sending your whole team or department along is a great way to exponentially improve your company’s ability to communicate! It also helps to create a common tone of voice across your department or company’s written material.

Best of all, it’s a fun morning where people are encouraged to share and learn in a supportive environment. The facilitator shares plenty of their own writing challenges to ensure everyone understands there’s room for improvement, no matter how skilled you become at writing.

What customers have to say about our writing training course

Here is a typical response to a half-day workshop:

“Sarah’s course, Writing Masterclass: How to improve your writing in less than four hours, lived up to the name. The course was excellent. It was informative and highly practical. It isn’t often that you do professional development and find every aspect beneficial. In this case I can say there wasn’t one part of the course that won’t help with my future writing (even as I type this I am conscious of removing unnecessary words).

In addition to the four-hour masterclass being beneficial, the course workbook is extremely practical and is designed to be able to continuously assist in improving future work. I have found myself referring to it, moving through each exercise to cull down the words and improve the flow when editing my work.”

Michael Bell, Engagement Manager at Engineers Australia

“Thanks so much for delivering one of the best staff training workshops that I’ve attended in a long, long time.

Our staff is equally fired up and feeling so excited, informed and confident about working on their own writing and editing the work of others. Your session was practical, respectful, motivating and entertaining and now better still, you’ve given us a fresh bunch of bolshy ‘Writing Champions.’

Sadly the people who didn’t attend are feeling they really missed out…mission accomplished, again!”

Emma Tyrie, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at CommunityWest

Registrations now open for courses in Perth and London

If you’re interested in attending a Writing Workshop Masterclass, please get in touch for an obligation-free chat about course schedules and pricing.

We do public and private courses. We’ll come to your office or venue of choice. Our courses are regularly scheduled in Perth and London, but we run this writing skills training in any location across Australia or the United Kingdom, on request.

Register for our next Writing Workshop in Perth now!

Don't miss out on the next Writing Workshop!

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Did you know?

Businesspeople spend an average of 25.5 hours a week reading, mostly email, and 81% say bad writing wastes a lot of their time.


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