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Our social media marketing experts can help you write effective updates for a wide variety of social media channels.
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Social media not delivering for you? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. The early promises of a free advertising and marketing channel for your brand have not materialised. If you’re investing time and money without seeing results, there are a few reasons why.

  • Your social updates are focused on the wrong topic
  • You haven’t used the right keywords, tagged the right influencers, or found the hashtags your audiences are tracking
  • You’re sharing the same update across multiple channels
  • Your social media marketing strategy has not adapted to continual algorithm changes.


Social media marketing best practice

Our social media writers know how to incorporate the latest best practice for each channel, whether you’re working with LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform. We understand the requirements of each channel and know how to use an ever-changing combination of text, images, tags, and keywords to ensure your posts are getting in front of the people you want to see it.

Whether you’re growing a fan base on Facebook, publishing company news on LinkedIn, running industry commentary on Twitter, or using Instagram to showcase your brand, our social media writers can help you increase your effectiveness and ensure your content marketing and brand news are being distributed across your entire social media presence.


How can Typeset help with my social media needs?

We can help with:

  • Crafting your messages and selecting images, tailored to each channel
  • Integrating your social media into a wider marketing and communications plan
  • Advising on effective publishing and distribution, including recommended frequency
  • Avoiding common pitfalls.

Typeset has been running social media marketing strategies for clients since, well, the beginning of social media. Not only can we help you with your social media marketing, we also offer social media workshops.


What our clients have to say about our social media services

“Handling social media is an absolute minefield. I came to Typeset because I wanted to provide my audiences and target market with real good content. 

Offering really good content and advice on showcasing your product in the non-sales way builds trust. Dan and Sarah offered amazing advice about the new cutting-edge ways of engaging followers and potential clients. 

They then built the social media content around the key elements I wanted to incorporate, and really hit it out of the park!

I highly recommend their services to anybody wanting to produce engaging content, regardless of industry or product.”

Simon Blake-Graham, Deceased Estate Real Estate Specialist


A smiley guy looks at his phone, with social media icons popping up around it, symbolising social media services.

Did you know?

81% of B2C and 80% of B2B marketers are using paid social media to distribute content and attract new customers.


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