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[NEW RESEARCH] State of Writing 2020

Posted by Sarah Mitchell on 19th February , 2020 in The Write Fit
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The majority of business communicators say they know what successful writing looks like, but less than half consider their writing to be successful. This is a key finding in our State of Writing 2020, a global survey of 238 business communicators produced with the help of Mantis Research.

You can find the full report and our analysis here: http://bit.ly/StateofWritingResearch

State of Writing 2020 set out to discover where business communicators ­– marketers, communications professionals and small-business owners – were experiencing success and where they were falling down in their writing projects. The purpose of the research was to learn what separated the best writers from those experiencing less than satisfactory results and to report those findings to the wider business community.

We wanted to go beyond an academic understanding of good or bad writing and get to the bottom of what makes writing effective in a business context. We all know writing requires an investment of time and budget, so we were interested to find out what was needed to improve the return on that spend.

Other stand-out findings from the research include:

  • Business communicators lack quality control in their writing process.
  • Nearly half of all communicators find it difficult to know what their audience wants to read.
  • Communicators are too focused on increasing quantity.
  • Despite publishing the majority of their writing online, communicators are struggling with (or not prioritising) SEO.

Our 25-page report is loaded with data and ends with recommendations on what you can do to improve the effectiveness of your writing. Dig in for the full report.

We’d love to hear any comments or questions you have about this report. Drop us a line at hello@typesetcontent.com.

Sarah Mitchell
19 February 2019

2021 global survey into writing effectiveness is now open: If you’d like to contribute to our State of Writing research for next year, please take the State of Writing 2021 survey. All participants will receive an early copy of the report (before publication).

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