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Key Messaging Workshop

Marketers are experiencing a monumental shift in how we work and what’s expected of us. The consumer is firmly in control and has never been more demanding about how to gain influence with them.
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Finding the intersection between what you want to say and what your customer wants to hear is tricky, especially when you’re communicating to different audiences. Getting agreement from every customer-facing group in your organisation might be impossible — unless you have the right help.

How our Key Messaging Workshop works

Getting your messaging right is a crucial first step to effective marketing. Otherwise, you get lost in “we do the same” marketing or become relegated to throwing money at advertising.

Our expert facilitators guide you to identify key marketing messages that resonate with your audiences, while positioning you for competitive advantage. The workshop is designed to challenge your thinking and test your assumptions about your brand messaging.

At the end of a single morning, you’ll have consensus on three to five messages to differentiate your brand in the marketplace. That’s right: it takes us about four hours to get everyone on your team marching in the same direction.

The Key Messaging Workshop addresses:

  • Business goals
  • Challenges you face meeting those goals
  • What your audience needs most
  • Real and perceived competition
  • Audience preferences.

The deliverables from the Key Messaging Workshop

After the workshop, Typeset develops a Key Messaging Matrix containing everything you and your team need to communicate your key messages to your target audiences. The messaging matrix is written in plain English because we’re all human, right?

Here’s what’s included in your Key Messaging Matrix:

  • The audiences being addressed
  • A needs analysis for each audience segment
  • Your key messages
  • Elevator pitches incorporating those key messages, including three pitches of differing lengths
  • At least five examples of how each message could be delivered to each audience segment, addressing each of the needs identified in the workshop.

Each matrix is customised for your brand and is between five and 10 A4 pages long.

Your Key Messaging Workshop facilitator

Each workshop is facilitated by an experienced marketer who is skilled at guiding discussion and pulling out essential points of difference. Every person in the workshop is encouraged to participate in an environment of safe but robust discussion. If there are differences of opinion about how to go to market, now is the time to air them.

Who should attend?

A representative from any group who deals directly with customers should attend the workshop. Five to 10 people is ideal.

  • Marketing managers
  • Sales
  • Sales support
  • Customer service
  • Community managers
  • Research and Development
  • Product managers
  • Service delivery
  • Customer complaints
  • Customer training
  • Business owners
  • Human resources
  • Corporate affairs
  • Communications
  • Reception.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there homework?

Yes, each participant is asked to prepare a short list to bring with them on the day. The list consists of viewpoints they already hold about the brand, so it’s not a difficult or lengthy task.

Do people from sales have to attend?

Yes, since the sales department delivers key messages to potential customers on a frequent basis, their participation is vital to arriving at a quality product.

Can we Skype some of our team in?

Yes. It’s better if everyone can be in the same room but it’s not always practical for distributed teams.

How long will it take?

The workshop lasts about four hours. We do the rest.

Learn more about Typeset’s Key Messaging Workshop

To get more information about arranging a Key Messaging Workshop for your team in London, UK, or Perth, Australia — or anywhere in the UK or Australia (we travel), get in touch.

You will speak directly to one of our facilitators who will explain how it works, what’s expected of you and your team before the workshop, and how the day will unfold. It takes a single morning from your team to put you on the path of competitive advantage — and who can’t get behind that idea?

A group sit around in a workshop, symbolising our key messaging workshop.

Did you know?

Being consistent in the way your present your brand can increase revenue by 33%.


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