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Writing With Empathy Seminar

Are you writing to angry, hurt or stressed-out customers? What you write has the power to either improve the relationship, or inflame it. This course will help you get it right.

Injecting empathy into your customer communications

This 2-hour seminar is especially designed for people who have to deliver bad news to customers.

While that’s a task most people would rather avoid, doing it well can be the difference between an adversarial relationship with your customers and continued loyalty. A well-crafted response to a complaint can also prevent you and your brand receiving potentially damaging social media coverage.

The seminar focuses on:

  • How to be appropriately empathetic in your communications
  • What words and phrases to avoid
  • How to construct your letters so essential information is easily absorbed.

After taking this seminar, your customer service teams will have the confidence to communicate in writing with angry or upset people, while still maintaining a good customer relationship with them.

Who’s leading the writing with empathy seminar?

All Typeset writing training is created by journalists and copywriters who have real-life experience in the skills being delivered. Our Injecting empathy into your customer communications seminar was developed in consultation with a large financial institution and has been delivered to dozens of customer complaints professionals around Australia.

What do I take away from the seminar?

In the two-hour seminar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Write with empathy
  • Deliver bad news in a sensitive way
  • Structure letters so your customers understand their obligations and next steps
  • Be confident and concise in the way you communicate difficult subject matter.

Who should attend the Typeset seminar?

This seminar is useful for people working in:

  • Customer complaints teams
  • Customer service
  • Customer hotlines
  • Any role where it’s essential to deliver bad news.

It’s especially well-suited for people working in banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

Individual and group classes are available

The Typeset Injecting empathy into your customer communications seminar is perfect for any person or department who would like to improve customer relations and experience better outcomes from their writing efforts.

Prior to the seminar, the course facilitator reviews current letters and emails being sent to customers. The seminar is tailored to address the kind of communication used by your organisation, to ensure the material presented is relevant for everyone in the course.

People attending this interactive workshop are encouraged to ask questions, give examples of difficult topics, and discuss ways to improve written communications. The seminar provides a supportive learning environment and gives examples of how common words and language inflame people who are already angry or feeling sensitive.

Not only do you learn what not to do, by the end of the seminar you’ll have clear ideas on how to change your writing for the better. You’ll leave with lists of word and phrase substitutions to guide you in your future writing efforts.

Registrations open for courses in Perth and London

If you’re interested in attending an Injecting empathy into your customer communications seminar, please contact us for an obligation-free chat about course schedules and pricing.

We conduct public and private courses. We’ll come to your office or venue of choice. Our courses are regularly scheduled in Perth and London, but we run writing skills training in any location across Australia or the United Kingdom, on request.

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Did you know?

Empathy has been found to be vital to business success. It is linked to growth, productivity, and earnings per employee.


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