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An obituary is a permanent record documenting the life of someone who passed away. Historically, an obituary was written by the local newspaper. More recently, the job is usually performed by someone in the deceased’s immediate family. It’s never an easy thing to write.

Journalists follow a specific style when writing obituaries. Some of the common mistakes made when writing an obituary include:

  • Confusing an obituary with a eulogy
  • Leaving important information out of the obituary
  • Putting in too many details
  • Including the wrong kind of information.

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There’s no doubt writing an obituary is a challenging task, especially if you’ve never written one before. In the best of times, writing a precise account of someone’s lifetime achievements can be difficult. If you’re in mourning or dealing with unexpected grief, it can be an insurmountable job.

Our obituary writers can alleviate this burden and help you:

  • Create a permanent record of the life of your loved one
  • Adopt a professional obituary format used by news agencies
  • Ensure you’ve considered all the information necessary
  • Provide tips on how to publish an obituary.
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Did you know?

The best obituaries focus on the person and their life, avoid clichés, and don’t talk too much about death, the funeral, or the bereaved.

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