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There are few rules around writing a eulogy, but one thing is certain: it’s your last chance to pay tribute to someone who is no longer with us. If you’re speaking in front of a crowd, either large or small, having a prepared eulogy ensures you will create a lasting memory without forgetting a single thing.  

A eulogy is both a speech and an opportunity to convey lasting memories about someone who was important to everyone in the room. Some of the common pitfalls to a eulogy include:

  • Confusing it with an obituary
  • Failing to prepare your remarks in advance
  • Not putting enough personal insight into the eulogy
  • Avoiding humour.

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It can be hard to know where to start, especially when emotions are running high. Distilling a life into a meaningful and sensitive story is even harder. Our eulogy writers are experienced at extracting the best parts of a life and putting them into a story you can share in person, in writing or on social media.  

Our eulogy writers help you:

  • Find a theme relevant to you and the people who will hear it
  • Structure a story for you to tell
  • Pace the eulogy in a way that will help you deliver it no matter how emotional you’re feeling
  • Provide tips on how to deliver a eulogy.
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Did you know?

A eulogy can be an incredibly hard speech to deliver. Practicing repeatedly ahead of time will help you get through the toughest bits when the time comes.

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